+ Other Content Media + Entertainment Projects
+ Other Content Media + Entertainment Projects

Content Media - Various Projects

The Osborn Technology and Entertainment Practice has been commissioned by multiple Networks, Media Companies and Film Production Companies for a broad range of services on confidential projects. Osborn’s technology team has provided extensive planning and design support services including:

  • Project Visioning
  • Project Conceptualization and Programming
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Technical Architectural Design
  • Building Systems Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Migration & Logistics "Move Planning"
  • Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Planning 
  • Transmission /Tower/RF Planning 
  • Satellite Uplink & TVRO Teleport Planning 
  • Fiber Optic; VYVX Level 3 & Telco Planning 
  • Content Media & Broadcast Systems Integration Planning. 
  • Radio Signal Path Analysis, RF & Microwave Planning. 
  • RF Screening and Faraday Spectrum Shielding, planning. 
  • Technology Facility and Transmission ...Due Diligence Status Report Planning.   
  • Soundstage and Studio Lighting Program Controls Planning.    
  • Content Media (32 venue) comprehensive programming and planning. 
  • Mobile LTE infrastructure planning. 

With all of our projects, we approach the planning and design process with a truly integrated consulting structure which embraces the optimal technological solution as one of the main tenets for the overall project concept.  This process allows the facility design, technical architecture and workplace to respond to the specific environmental needs of the technology and operations, maximizing the end-performance of each project for our clients.

(Second image credited to Park Place Studios)