+ Other Healthcare Projects
+ Other Healthcare Projects

Cleveland Clinic Main Campus

Osborn Engineering has provided engineering design services for numerous projects (over 80) for the Cleveland Clinic in the last four years across main campus and ambulatory care facilities. These projects included mechanical, electrical, technology, civil and structural engineering services along with construction administration support services.  Sample projects include:

Campus Wide Operating Room Humidification Retrofit
A complete study of the existing conditions of the air handling units and systems in six primary care buildings on the main campus which included 69 operating rooms. Their redesign involved upgrades to equipment, controls, sensors, valves and an innovative stream humidification system designed to reduce cooling loads, improve occupant comfort and save energy by significantly reducing steam and steam condensate demands.
Main Campus 11kV Building Laterals from the New 36kV Ring Bus
Civil Engineering planning and design services to connect over 60 of the Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus buildings with underground duct banks to a new 36kV Ring Bus serviced by four new 36kV substations. The new system capacity is 120 MVA, giving the Clinic N+2 reliability.  Osborn’s role included the design of the 11kV laterals for both Power and Technology (IT) underground distribution duct banks and manholes.
H Building Operating Room Upgrades
Osborn provided mechanical, electrical and technology design for renovation of of two existing operating rooms to support liver transplant and orthopedics. Design included new isolation monitors, UPS connection to campus emergency power systems, new medical gasses, new booms for lighting, audiovisual (transmitted outside of North America), improved air change rates, and HVAC controls for temperature, humidity and pressure relationship.
J Building MRI Installation
Osborn provided mechanical and electrical design for new cardiac MRI imaging equipment (3 Tesla) installation in the Clinic’s Heart Center. The unit was located in the basement of an existing facility and the design required finding a satisfactory route for quench vent piping which extended through the building six floors to a protected area. Design included controls and piping to connect to Campus Chilled water loop which included emergency backup in event of failure. Medical gasses, technology, conditioned power and monitoring were included in the design.
Crile Mall East Redevelopment & New Taussig Cancer Center Building
Crile included the re-development of parking lots into a landscaped mall, tree lined streets and new peripheral parking lots from the Crile Building at E. 102nd Street to the Walker Building at E. 105th Street.  The initial Mall redevelopment was followed by the construction of the New Taussig Cancer Center Building between the Mall’s south edge and the north side of Carnegie Ave.  Addition Civil/Site design improvements included relocating E. 102nd St. further west, expanding the size of the Mall and construction a healing garden space along the south edge.

Additional projects completed or ongoing:

  • Lutheran Boilers  
  • Fairview Domestic Water Piping Replacement
  • CCF Euclid Projects (Boiler, AHU-32, Chiller 3060, Lab & AHU, MCC, Fire Pump/Fire Sprinkler)
  • CCF Strongsville Boiler Replacement
  • H Building – Cooling Tower Replacement
  • KK Building (ICH) – Projector Mount and HVAC Improvements
  • KK Building – 3rd Floor Retro-Commissioning
  • L Building – Multi-Zone AHU Replacement
  • G Building – 11th Floor Pressurization Control (Bone Marrow Transplant Suite)
  • NE Building – Nitrogen Generator Expansion
  • E Building – Complete Hot Water System Retrofit and Expansion
  • Flood Study & Mitigation Design - Westlake Family Health Center
  • KK Building - ITD Room/Elevator Pit Water Infiltration Remediation
  • InterContinental Hotel - Employee Cafeteria Remodel
  • Children’s Hospital - RTU Replacement
  • J Building - 3 MRI Suite Renovations
  • E Building - Cart Washer Replacement
  • M Building - AHU Study and Replacements of Multiple Air Handling Systems
  • A Building and E Building - Vacuum Pump and Air Compressor Replacements
  • Central Chilled Water Plant Study for Winter Chiller
  • Central Chilled Water Plant Study for Additional Chilled Water and Cooling Tower Capacity
  • Campus Cooling Tower Water Metering
  • E Building - Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer and Scrubber Design
  • Miscellaneous Elevator Upgrades - numerous locations and buildings on Main Campus and Satellite Facilities
  • F Building  -  Angio-Cath Imaging Equipment Replacement
  • G Building - Liquid Chemical Sterilizer Installation
  • F, G, H, & M Buildings - PFI Repair Package
  • J Building - PET/CT Process Chilled Water Improvements
  • J Building and Q Building - Process Chilled Water Study to support existing Imaging Equipment
  • BB Building - Elevator Equipment Room HVAC Upgrades