+ Other Healthcare Projects
+ Other Healthcare Projects

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Pulmonary Rehab Clinic
Osborn Engineering provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design engineering services to reduce the overall square footage of the Pulmonary Rehab Clinic area and allow for space for two offices to be added within the current Pulmonary Rehab Clinic footprint.
The Pulmonary Clinic space is located on the second floor of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital ‘’T’’ Building. The scope of services includes working directly with the user group at NCH to finalize the design which will include all required furniture, fixtures and medical equipment.
The design scope of services includes detailed phasing of construction work to allow the Pulmonary Clinic to function and serve customers as it does today. Detailed construction phasing provided by the design team provides a phased construction sequence plan that allowed the unit to remain operational during the course of construction of all renovation work.
Education Backfill
Osborn provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology design engineering services for a major renovation of an existing, business-use, office building, totaling 52,000 SF. 
Design took place over two phases for various portions of the project. Phase I included design and construction services for floors 5, 3 and partial 2nd floor. Phase 2 included all design and construction services for floor 4 and partial 1st floor. For each phase, there was a separate ‘stand-alone’ demolition package and build-out package prepared. 
Each floor/area was vacant of occupants during the project, but adjacent floors were fully occupied during the renovation. Building systems, egress systems, and active areas of the building remained operational while upgrades were undertaken. In-depth and detailed coordination of systems work took place to avoid disruption to hospital systems and spaces.