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+ Other Institutional Projects

Ohio Department of Public Safety

Shipley Building Energy Audit, BAS & Lighting Upgrades

Osborn Engineering provided an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit of the Shipley building located at 1970 W Broad Street, Columbus OH, 43223. The ODPS Shipley building, constructed in 1998, is a 344,297 gsf office facility. The building has 5 stories above grade, a lower level and a penthouse that contains mechanical equipment. The total building utility cost for 2016 was $680,783. The Energy Audit included a detailed inventory of mechanical equipment and lighting; a whole building energy model; a 20 year MEP capital forecast and thermal imaging of the building envelop, electrical equipment and large motors. Osborn Engineering identified energy conservation measures (ECM’s) in order to realize an annual savings of $379,607 with an estimated overall project cost of $2,129,378 with a simple payback period of 5.61 years.

Subsequent to the Energy Audit, ODPS retained Osborn for the design and construction administration of the Energy Upgrades identified in the Energy Audit, including:

  • ECM-1 - BAS Infrastructure Upgrades: Unoccupied setback; Replacement of existing pneumatic actuators and controls; Installation of a new global weather station; Adaptive set back; New front end software, hardware, graphics, main BAS controllers and infrastructure
  • ECM-2 - Demand control ventilation
  • ECM-3 - Airside Optimization: Critical zone reset; Supply air temperature reset; VAV box minimum cfm based on ASHRAE 62.1; Zone level occupancy based setback
  • ECM-4 - Chilled Water Plant Upgrades & Optimization: Upgrade chiller AdaptiView controls and purge; Refurbish existing cooling towers and replace all existing large pneumatic actuators with electric; Optimize chilled water plant set points and control; Replace the pneumatic 3-way chilled water coil control valves on 100% OA Units AHU-13&14 with 2-way control valves in order to improve plant delta-T; Chiller compressor overhaul
  • ECM-5 - Replace Existing Domestic Water Heater with High Efficiency Fully Condensing
  • ECM-6 - Lighting and Lighting Controls Replacement: Replace existing linear fluorescent light fixtures with LED; Provide fully programmable, dimmable lighting; Provide occupancy sensor set back of lighting and connect to BAS to allow HVAC to set back; Connect lighting to upgraded BASNew BAS front end and graphics