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+ Other Infrastructure Projects

City of Westlake Dover Ditch

The proposed project will provide construction bid documents and specifications to re-align and re-establish the current Dover Ditch Stream in the City of Westlake based upon the conceptual plan from the R.E. Warner Study of the stream.
It is the intent of this project to reduce the potential for local and downstream flooding by providing additional storm water storage, lengthening the stream alignment, providing shallow wetlands and re-establishing riparian buffers to the stream. The existing con-crete weir structure is also to be removed to assist in lowering the streams water levels. Using the R.E. Warner SWMM model as a base, we have coordinated with the City of Westlake to offer a more natural approach to the stream restoration project that will help maximize the storage of storm water during flood events and will provide water quality for more frequent storm events. Along with the storm water storage and water quality, it is intended that the project be designed to provide minimal maintenance from the City thus allowing a more natural environment to re-establish.
The current stream is rather straight and lacks the normal stream attributes such as micropools, riparian zones or meandering. This project will provide a longer, more mean-dering stream bed alignment with micropools to help aid in the re-establishment of native plants and vegetation. Several large low lying areas will be provided to store storm water and help reduce the potential for flooding. These low lying areas will be surrounding by new wetland areas that will help provide water quality. New riparian zones will also aid in the water quality of the stream.
This project has taken coordination from the City of Westlake, local surveyors, local land-scape architects, local environmental consultants, the Ohio EPA, and the Army Corps of Engineers. If the flood plain mapping is changed enough, the project may need to coordinate with FEMA to re-establish the floodplain mapping and elevations in the area.