+ Other Infrastructure Projects
+ Other Infrastructure Projects

City of Lakewood Watermains Replacement

2010 Program (Clifton Boulevard)
Osborn provided engineering services for the replacement of approximately 2.5 miles of new 8” water main serving the north side of Clifton Boulevard. During the design phase, Osborn provided the field verification of Lakewood’s aerial GIS topographic survey and existing utility locations, prepared the new water line plan and profiles, typical sections, detailed isometrics of horizontal and vertical bends, maintenance of traffic plans and pavement repair details.

Special consideration was given to the tree lawn along Clifton Boulevard where some of the existing trees are over 80 years old and as big as 5½ feet in diameter. Based on Os-born’s design and layout of the new 8” water line and individual service connection, not a single tree had to be removed to construct the project.

2012 Program (Athens-Belle-Clarence-Westwood)

2014 Program (Athens-Blossom Park-St. Charles-Summit-Woodward)

2016 Program (Alameda-Lakeland-Morrison-Robinwood)

2017 (Brown-Lincoln-Marlowe-Mars)