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+ Other Energy Projects

Ohio Building Authority

Osborn was retained by the Ohio Building Authority (OBA) for the implementation of the ENERGY STAR® Buildings Program at the Lausche, Ocasek, DiSalle and Rhodes government office buildings with an eye towards increasing energy efficiency and obtaining the ENERGY STAR® label for buildings. The program began with Osborn identifying energy saving opportunities and developing life-cycle cost paybacks for the opportunities. Osborn then developed the bidding and construction documents for the projects and provided construction administration services, including commissioning. The end result involved comprehensive upgrades for the building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and the building envelope, reducing energy consumption by 25-40%, all while improving tenant comfort. Along with commissioning the systems to ensure that they were performing as designed and specified, Osborn also was required to track and verify the energy savings. Each building was acknowledged for the increased energy efficiency by receiving the prestigious US EPA ENERGY STAR® label for buildings.
Each project’s budget was established by a comprehensive energy audit performed by Osborn, which identified the Energy Conservation Opportunities and projected the probable implementation cost and energy savings. The OBA’s only stipulation was that the projects had to have a simple payback of less than 7 years. Upon completion of the work at all four buildings, the total project cost was $10.1M and paid for itself in 5.5 years. On average, these projects have resulted in a savings of more than 15 million kilowatt-hours and 50,000 mcf of natural gas each year.