+ Other Education Projects
+ Other Education Projects

OFCC Cx Services

Various (Over 50 Districts)
Osborn has been pre-qualified by the Ohio Facility Construction Commission’s (OFCC) as an independent Commissioning Authority for the commissioning of new school projects throughout the state. The project includes the verification and documentation that all commissioned systems operate and perform in accordance with the design intent and at maximum energy efficiency.
Osborn’s process includes developing the commissioning plan, reviewing the design, verifying proper equipment installation as well as the functional testing of all associated systems, as well as reviewing selected shop drawing submittals, test & balance reports, record drawings, and O & M manuals for conformance with the contract documents.
Osborn is responsible for implementing the commissioning process as defined by the OFCC for Basic Commissioning services, which includes:
  • Mechanical and HVAC systems
  • Building automation and environmental controls
  • Electrical systems: power and emergency power
  • Alternative energy
  • Classroom acoustics
  • Chiller and cooling tower exterior noise review
  • Domestic hot water and rainwater recovery
  • Lighting and lighting controls
  • Building envelope
  • Recommissioning plan
  • Review and verification of contractor provided training
  • Review of construction manager’s air quality management plan