+ Other Transportation Projects
+ Other Transportation Projects

Stark County Tremont Ave Bridge

The existing Tremont Bridge was an 11-span continuous steel beam bridge approximately 715 feet in length, and carried four lanes of vehicular traffic and two pedestrian sidewalks over the Tuscarawas River, NS Railroad and R.J. Corman Railroad.  The superstructure consists of eight main steel beams and two smaller steel beams on each side supporting the concrete deck and sidewalks, respectively. The beams were removed due to the discovery of asbestos.
The new bridge superstructure is an 11-span continuous composite galvanized steel beam with reinforced concrete deck.  The substructures were repaired and rehabilitated by adding bridge seats to accommodate the raised profile.  The bridge typical section consisted of two 12-foot lanes and one 10-foot wide sidewalk south side of bridge.   Distance from curb to curb is 28 feet 0 inches.    
Important aspects of the project include:
  • The existing vertical alignment was raised to meet enhanced vertical clearance design criteria.
  • For a reduction of maintenance costs over the life of the bridge, galvanized steel for the structural beams, epoxy-coated reinforcement, corrosion inhibitors and sealers were used.
  • The cap of pier 2 was replaced due to the extensive deterioration.
  • Existing SBC utility needed to be maintained during construction.  Temporary supports and a new support system for new and existing utilities were required.
  • Performed study for Stark Parks Bike Path ramp up to bridge level.