+ Other Transportation Projects
+ Other Transportation Projects

GCRTA - Various Projects

Stephanie Tubbs Jones Transit Center
This $8M transit center greatly improved bus service in Cleveland’s Central Business District by eliminating traffic congestion on street bus layovers and transfers.  The program included a patron waiting pavilion, decorative canopy structures, platforms, plazas, landscaping, and public art.  The proposed LEED Gold center has 16 layover berths for 12 to 16 buses arranged to permit smooth and efficient arrival and departure as well as ingress and egress to exiting streets. 
Park-N-Ride Lot Reconstruction 
Osborn Engineering was selected to reconstruct the Park-n-Ride transit centers for GCRTA at the following three locations: 
Strongsville Park-N-Ride Lot
The original site was built in 1989 with 380 spaces. The goal of this project was to increase the parking capacity of the lot by roughly 250 spaces.  Our design included all-new pavement, grading and storm sewers, site lighting and landscaping.  This was the second phase of work at the site.
North Olmsted Park-N-Ride Lot
This project’s primary objective was to increase parking capacity on the site.  Built in 2002, it originally served 300 commuters.  Based on site visits during the design phase, we observed this lot at maximum capacity, with cars parked outside of the marked spaces. The expansion project required 2 acres of adjacent land to accommodate roughly 150 additional parking spaces.  Part of the land was in the I-480 limited access right of way and is being leased from ODOT.  ODOT District 12 reviewed our design alongside RTA. 
Westlake Park-N-Ride Lot
The Westlake location is the oldest of the three lots.  The goal of this project was to increase parking capacity by 350 spaces by purchasing 5 to 7 additional acres of adjacent land.  This location is currently the largest with 550 parking spaces.  Environmental concerns were addressed by our design with wetlands on some of the adjacent property.