+ Other Transportation Projects
+ Other Transportation Projects

City of Cleveland Madison Ave Rehabiliation

Osborn performed the detailed design for the City of Cleveland's rehabilitation of Madison Avenue from West Blvd. to West 65th St. Osborn teamed closely with Euthenics on this project. The project length was approximately 1.32 miles, and it consists of pavement rehabilitation/replacement, new sidewalks, curbs, ADA compliant ramps and landings, new driveway aprons, drainage improvements, waterline work and traffic signal improvements. The signalization work consisted of new traffic signals with mast arms and pedestrian signals at as many as seven existing signalized intersection locations. 
Geometrically, our design considered reduction of the pavement width where lanes are wider than required to reduce future infrastructure maintenance costs and to allow for expansion of the tree lawns to help achieve the City’s green infrastructure goal.
Our design included profile adjustments and proposed catch basin locations to improve surface drainage capacity, which in turn improves overall performance, safety and pavement life by reducing or eliminating ponding and standing water on the pavement.
Most importantly, we had been tasked to keep the design within the City’s $4.45 million construction budget.  We accomplished this by presenting design alternatives to the City throughout the design stages and regularly updating our cost estimate based on our design progress.