+ Other Public Projects
+ Other Public Projects

CleMetZoo - Various Projects

African Elephant Exhibit
Osborn provided engineering services for the new and expanded African Elephant Exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The new exhibit was a complete renovation of the existing elephant exhibit. The African Elephant Crossing is able to house up to ten elephants at a time and also includes meerkats, naked mole rats, an African rock python, and an aviary.  
Osborn’s Certified Building Commissioning Professionals provided fundamental commissioning of the building’s energy systems per LEED® requirements. Mechanical systems included the under floor hydronic radiant heating system for warming the elephant parlors and the elephant winter exterior exercise area. Package HVAC units delivered 100% outside air at a rate of 5 to 7 air changes per hour to maintain odor control and animal hygiene. All HVAC systems were tied into the Zoo’s energy management system.
A hydraulic system was designed for the management and movement of the elephant caging systems. This included three 3000 psig hydraulic power units, zoo keeper interface panels throughout the exhibit, 8-foot long hydraulic cylinders, three-way multi-valve stands piped to each cage door and safety lockouts. All piping and valves had to have protection to prevent damage and tampering by the elephants with the capability of resisting over 25,000 pounds of force.This project has been certified LEED® Gold.
African Elephant Crossing - Tram Shelter 
Osborn Engineering provided civil, structural, electrical, and technology services for a tram station outside of the African Elephant Crossing exhibit. Design included a retaining wall to adjust grade behind the station. New lighting, ceiling fans, speakers and TV displays.
Bob Gogolick Giraffe Encounter
Osborn Engineering is provided civil, structural, and technology engineering services for the new Giraffe Encounter exhibit. The giraffe viewing platform allows the visitors to have total interactive experience.  They not only get an “up-close” experience with the giraffes, they actually become part of the exhibit by getting the chance to feed the animals from the platform.  The viewing platform is connected by two curving ramps acting as minimal umbilical connections back to the existing viewing area. The ramp landing is celebrated by a monumental entryway and exhibit signage.  To integrate with exhibit architecture, the structure is designed with timber framing which may extend above the deck to serve as lighting features.  
Rhino Exhibit Retaining Wall
Osborn Engineering provided the structural engineering design services for a new Rhino Exhibit concrete retaining wall. The new concrete cantilever retaining wall replaces the failed existing wood retaining wall currently located outside of the existing Rhino exhibilt. The new retaining wall is 75 feet long.
Tiger Holding Building 
Osborn Engineering provided structural and MEP engineering services for the modifications to the existing tiger holding building. Design included modifications to the existing structure to accommodate new doors. New features included: CMU caging wall dividers, two stage exhaust system for summer and winter operation, toilet rooms, and new lighting and power distribution.
Tiger Passage Faux Tree Freestanding Signage
Capping of the new Tiger Passage exhibit, Osborn Engineering worked in conjunction with Cleveland Metroparks designers to create a structural steel skeleton to create a lifelike fifteen foot tall fiberglass and epoxy based tree sign complete with branches.
New Administration Building
Osborn Engineering provided structural engineering services to design a new all wood 11,000 sf addition to the existing Cleveland Metroparks Administration Building. The addition houses new offices, IT rooms, conference rooms, breakrooms and a connector to existing Metroparks offices.

Renovation of the Gift Shop
Osborn Engineering provided structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services for the approximately 3,500 sf renovation of the existing retail space. Osborn also acted as the Engineer of Record for the project. Scope of work included replacement of existing HVAC system, sales lighting, canopy foundation design, creating large openings in existing masonry construction, canopy power, lighting design, and new point of sales counters.