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+ Other Public Projects

CMNH Expansion

Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Osborn Engineering has been retained as Engineer-of-Record providing structural, mechanical, electrical, technology and civil engineering allowing for a fully coordinated and integrated, comprehensive and efficient design strategy for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Osborn is part of a larger design team that includes Fentress Architects (Design Architect) and URS (Architect of Record).
The museum has embarked on a $150M project to expand their current facility and to bring curatorial and research laboratories to the forefront, creating a unique visitor experience for the institution. The new program will include classrooms as a centerpiece to facilitate the Museum’s mission to make science come alive and emphasize hands-on learning for students and visitors. The project’s spatial goals will provide exciting and interactive science/laboratory spaces mixed-in with interactive exhibits tied together by an inviting lobby. 
Some early design challenges for the team included the site development and planning to integrate the new facility into a rolling landscape due to the Museum’s siting on an adjacent ravine. Osborn plans on utilizing the site’s topography to minimize typically required cut and fill costs by placing useful infrastructure components in the void created by the ravine, i.e. a central plant that can be accessed from the garage area.
Renderings Courtesy of Fentress Architects.