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+ Other Industrial Projects

General Electric Locomotive

Engine Test Cell
Osborn was selected to provide transportation engineering services for the upgrade of an existing locomotive diesel engine test cell located at the GETS Locomotive Engine Plant in Grove City, Pennsylvania. The test cell was originally designed for a 16 cylinder, 4000 horsepower engine; the project consisted of a total redesign to accommodate the original 16 cylinder engine and two new engines, a 12 cylinder 4,400 horsepower and a 16 cylinder 6,000 horsepower engine.  In addition, modifications included adding test equipment for performing new EPA emission tests required on diesel engines manufactured after November of 2002.
The scope of the project included redesign of the utility systems required to run the engines: cooling water, combustion air, lube oil, fuel oil, redesign of the engine stand, the exhaust system, and the system controls. To accommodate projected production schedules the removal and installation of test engines had to be improved over the previous practice by 600%.  This required us to develop easily handled connection devices, a telescoping exhaust system and revisions to the engine mounting stand.
To add to the complexity, the project had to be designed and built in a six-month time frame. Osborn was able to meet the time frame and the completed system parameters were either met or exceeded. Osborn provided a full time on-site project engineer to aid the contractors and provide system start-up assistance.