+ Other Industrial Projects
+ Other Industrial Projects

DHL - Various Projects

Osborn has had several opportunities to provide engineering and architectural services to DHL for distribution center projects as well as facility renovation projects.
Distribution Center Renovation
Manhattan, NY
Osborn Engineering provided multi-discipline engineering and architectural services for renovations ($20M) of an existing building in midtown Manhattan to accommodate a Pick-Up and Delivery (PUD) facility for DHL at 501 Tenth Avenue, New York.  Due to DHL’s eminent eviction from their existing nearby facility, the project was executed on a fast-track schedule.
A field survey of the entire facility by all disciplines was required due to the lack of existing drawings, and the schematic design was performed in parallel with the survey to meet DHL’s aggressive schedule.  Osborn helped DHL meet all of their goals of having the facility designed and constructed on time.
Air Park Renovation Program 
Wilmington, OH
As part of DHL’s expansion into North America, the renovation of the DHL Air Park was crucial. Osborn provided $3.1M of design services for the renovation program while working closely with DHL and highly skilled professionals including material handling specialists, environmental and civil engineers and program mangers. Key projects included:
  • 1,000,000 square foot sort facility, Building F. Bridging Documents for a new state of the art packaging sort facility.
  • Administration Building Renovation & Expansion
    Osborn was challenged by DHL to create a final addition to the existing Administration Building that would house over 300 people to accommodate the transfer of operations from the former Greater Cincinnati International Airport (CVG) Hub to the Wilmington, Ohio (ILN) Hub. The existing building is a conglomeration of four separate building projects: an original flight simulation building, an administration building, and two additional flight simulation additions.  The final plan layout infilled an existing courtyard space and completed a “notch” area at the southwest quadrant of the complex. This $15M new office area was the result of an extensive programmatic effort that took into account various factors including space allocation and interactions between different departments.
  • Electrical Power System Improvement
  • Building 11 Renovations 
    The $10M renovation project consisted of offices and warehousing for AStar, flight simulators for PanAm, and maintenance warehousing storage as well as a sort facility for Northwest and Lufthansa. Osborn was part of the team that provided design and consulting services including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection engineering, and construction administration services.
Miami U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Office
Miami, FL
Osborn designed the interior renovations of the DHL Miami Gateway Facility located at the Miami International Airport.  Osborn was tasked with the renovation and expansion of the existing U.S. Customs and Border Patrol office and associated package inspection area.  The goal of the project was to provide additional inspection and office space. The conversion consists of an additional 1,400 square feet of office space and 3,200 square feet of secure inspection area to be used by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.