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+ Other Industrial Projects

Delphi Automotive

Injection Molding Facility
Delphi’s $58.5M injection molding facility located in Vienna, Ohio was designed from the foundation up to be a state-of-the-art facility. Design included automated guided vehicles (AGVs) managing the finished parts flow to 130,000 lineal feet of aluminum tubing used to automatically transfer 150 different plastic resin compounds to 120 molding machines.
The true highlight of this project was the design, bidding/award, and construction phases which were completed within 17 months. This was accomplished because Delphi and Osborn functioned as a single team during the design phase to complete the bid package in 45 calendar days. The design team interacted with the general contractor and subcontractors to complete the construction of the facility within 12 months.
The Delphi facility consists of a 15,000 square foot office area attached to the front of the 193,000 square foot manufacturing building. The facility sits on a 20-acre site with areas for auto parking, seven semi-trailer loading docks, one drive-in dock area, a 300,000-gallon water storage tank for fire protection, and a fire pump house.  The interior of the plant is fully air-conditioned. The result is a showplace for Delphi, which is used to attract customers.