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FirstEnergy Stadium - Various Projects

Stadium Rebranding
The Cleveland Browns have joined a multitude of NFL franchises in securing naming rights for their stadiums. The revenue captured in these transactions allows for an increase in funding for the football team. FirstEnergy, a Northeast Ohio energy company, and the Cleveland Browns have agreed to permit the installation of  FirstEnergy branding signage at the stadium. The multi-year agreement includes the installation of illuminated signs in various locations at the site. Signage will be installed at the pedestrian entrance gates, on the stadium façade, within the seating bowl and on the roof of the stadium.
Based on our longstanding history working with the Browns and our intimate knowledge of the structure, we were retained to assist the Browns in the implementation of the project. OSports was responsible for presenting the proposed layout of the signage to the City’s Design Review Board. In addition, OSports partnered with a local sign contractor in the design of the various types of signs. Electrical and structural engineering services were provided to compliment the sign design at each of the four locations.
Annual Assessment / Repair
Since the opening of the stadium, OSports has been contracted by the Cleveland Browns to perform an annual structural assessment and necessary repairs. The intent of the annual scope is to maximize the service life of this public facility. The annual concrete restoration scope of work is developed to utilize the City of Cleveland’s repair funds in the most beneficial manner. Osborn routinely consults with both the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Browns to reconcile repair priorities versus available funding. The work traditionally is begun in Spring with a completion date prior to the August pre-season football games. Typical repair work includes concrete repair, expansion joint replacement, traffic coatings and waterproofing of seat decks.