Our Difference

OSports, a division of Osborn Engineering, has a rich history in sports and recreation planning and design dating back more than a century. Your projects will have a team of Architects and Engineers that design sports and recreation projects on a daily basis, and work together day in and day out, for the right knowledge and expertise.  What's just as important is how we use what we know. Our team begins the process by listening carefully to develop an understanding of the owner's expectations and how the facility will be used.  That is why owners will tell you that OSports is the firm with whom they prefer to collaborate.
We focus on finding professionals whose personalities lead them to engage effectively with others, and to begin projects with open minds.  Our passion and knowledge for this market is undeniable; we understand the idiosyncrasies of these venues and drive the innovations that will be the basis for tomorrow's facilities.  Likewise, we are committed to the design of facilities that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also minimize their impact on the surrounding environment. We pride ourselves in always focusing on the below list of core values;
Strategic Partnership & Collaboration
We are a modest sized group of architects and engineers allowing for improved communications with your project team. Unlike our large corporate competitors in the sports design industry we are flexible and readily able to modify our design approach to meet the individual needs of each client.
Listening is a cornerstone to success in building engagement throughout the project’s stakeholders.  We have a strong record of working and helping our client groups to successfully develop support for their projects byl recognizing the key assets that will contribute to the success.  We have heard from too many clients a sense of frustration with designers that arrive with preconceived notions, pursue personal design agendas, or simply fail to listen.
Design Principles & Constructability
We will achieve the proper balance of an objective-based design process supported by the detail needed to assure that the design and constructability are conveyed in a way will meet the objectives in a logical, affordable, and justifiable way. 
The Student-Athlete Experience -  Viewing the Facility through the Eyes of the User
We will consider every aspect of the student-athlete experience as we plan the programmed use within any athletic facility.  Since the time an athlete can spend in this facility is limited, the impacts of the facility must be immediate. 
The Fan Experience -  More than a Game
We have a distinct advantage of applying our knowledge of the "fan experience" from our work with professional sports to collegiate venues.  The social aspect of "game day" has been integral to successful programs & revenue generation
The Operators Experience
How a facility is programmed and functions may have the most overall impact on the costs of operation. OSports/Osborn understanding of the business of sports facilities and event management will be a valuable tool throughout the development process.