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Ohio University

Convocation Center Scoreboard Study
OSports completed the structural engineering and technology component analysis to review the existing Convocation Center dome roof structure for support of a proposed new center hung scoreboard and sound system. 
To determine capacity of the in-place construction, OSports completed a full finite element analysis model of the dome structure and reviewed proposed scoreboard and speaker hanging loads at specific locations as dictated by Ohio University in conjunction with conversations with alternate scoreboard manufacturers. The team worked closely with Ohio University to study the latest in equipment options and various to review cost alternatives, create marketing opportunities and increase fan experience at the University.
The Ohio University Convocation Center dome roof provides for an elegant long span arena roof construction. After analysis, the study indicated that the existing compression ring at the top of the dome structure becomes overstressed and once inner ring members are added to align with the rib elements, the dome roof structure is better able to distribute loads throughout. This increased distribution of loads allows for a new center hung score-board to be installed. Reviewing different scoreboard and speaker system options, a new center hung scoreboard approximately 12,000 pounds in weight with a system of speakers approximately 4,200 pounds in weight may be hung from the dome roof structure after installation of new inner compression ring steel members are installed.