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Cleveland Indians/Gateway Development

Progressive Field Renovations

LED Lighting Design
The new LED lighting allows the Indians to recognize a cost savings in energy, and the new system can be expected to perform for well over 15 years. The new lights have IP addressable controls for preset lighting schemes and theatrical lighting for use in concerts and other non-baseball events. LED fixtures were used to illuminate the stadium to current MLB requirements for the recommended foot candles. Broadcast camera footcandle levels were maintained on the infield and the outfield as well as glare control. The new LED field lighting was designed to keep the current architecture of the stadium. The intent of the design was to keep the iconic “toothbrush” look.
Players Locker Room Upgrade
In order to improve communication between the coaching staff and the players, the Cleveland Indians elected to relocate the coaching staff into a new office located within the footprint of the existing players’ locker room. A space in the original locker room was carved out to provide the desired office space. The new office includes lockers and desks for up to six coaches.
Videoboard and Sound Replacement
OSPORTS provided consulting services for the new scoreboard and control room at Progressive Field. Work for this project included the selection of a 59’ tall by 220’ foot wide Daktronics videoboard with 13,000 SF of high definition screen space. This included the total replacement of all A/V equipment within the ballpark and a brand new state-of-the-art sound system. OSPORTS conducted a structural evaluation of the existing framing and modified the steel framing system to accommodate Daktronics larger screen. Along with the improved video board and sound system, the out-of-town scoreboard, marquee display, and ribbon boards around the ball park were also replaced. 
Suite Upgrades 
OSPORTS provided upgrades to many of the suites behind home plate and down the 3rd base line. The existing 1994-era amenities in each suite no longer met the expectations of modern suite owners. The architectural finishes and MEPT systems were completely replaced, giving the patron the perception of a new space. The Indians decided to combine individual suites into larger spaces due to customer demands for more seating capacity. These enlarged units included a moveable partition wall to allow for flexibility in suite usage.
Main Concourse Concession Upgrades
The Indians elected to upgrade their main concourse concessions to reflect current trends in sports facilities. The perimeter concession walls were removed to provide unrestricted viewing of the playing field from the main concourse. Each concession space contains new food service equipment to better serve the customer’s expectations of variable food choices. Other concession spaces are being converted into several “neighborhood” food service counters that cater to individual menu choices. Each neighborhood will assume a Cleveland Indians historical motif to further enhance the fan experience. Work was coordinated with a food service provider to enable the selection and installation of all new kitchen equipment in each concession space. The design for components located on the exterior of a concession included durability and winterization provisions to account for the harsh Cleveland winter season. 
Refreshing Projects
Over the past few years, OSPORTS has designed new amenities for Progressive Field. Heritage Park, the outdoor Indians Hall of Fame, is only one of two ballparks with this historical and cultural amenity within in the venue. The project program included new monuments/plaques, lighting, concessions, a paver program, displays, decorative screens and landscaping.  Ultimately, OSPORTS helped create a learning and contemplative place within the high-energy ballpark environment. Other “Fan Experience” refreshing projects include the Bud Light Party Deck, Photovoltaic (PV) Panel Array and various structural design upgrades.