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Don Shula Stadium

John Carroll University 
The project was originally conceived in 1987 as a vehicle to upgrade the college’s legendary football program. The project evolved to become a flexible, multipurpose 5,400 seat stadium. The new Shula Stadium accommodates football, soccer and track, while supporting adjacent baseball and softball fields and providing flexibility for intramural programs. Facilities within the stadium’s main structure include locker rooms, training room, weight room, offices, meeting rooms and a Hall of Fame to honor Coach Shula and other JCU alumni who have played and/or coached in the NFL. This facility heralds a new era in JCU sports.
The new home grandstand complex and Press Tower Building were “squeezed” between the existing football and baseball fields. This created a unique opportunity for the press room to view both fields.  The new stadium complex serves as a year-round venue for hosting meetings and receptions. The Shula Center, at the main concourse level, houses the NFL Hall of Fame Coach’s memorabilia and features former JCU players who have played or coached in the NFL.
The lower level structure, the plinth for the grandstands, is the backbone to the facility. It houses three locker rooms, offices, weight training, training equipment, meeting and support spaces. A continuous corridor at the northern edge becomes the organizing tool for this efficient scheme. A new baseball dugout was integrated into the base of the Press Tower, below the Shula Center.
The architecture is complimentary to the adjacent dormitory building and historic campus.  The towers at either side of the press room are an abstraction from the main University Administration building tower, which gives the stadium a bold prescence.  By including metal panels and curtainwall into the composition, a modern, yet timeless, quality is attained.